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We offer many dry lumber options

26930 Pumpkin Ridge Road

New Plymouth, Ohio 45654


(740) 596-1020

Twin Oak Forest Products' lumber company has two Northland Dry Kilns in our lumber yard.
One holds 3000 board feet, and the other one holds 5000 bdft. Both are heated by electricity and have timed venting systems. We dry mostly 4/4 lumber, but we do some thick stock also. We dry most of the common species pine, poplar, oak, maple and so forth. Twin Oak Forest Products also offers finished lumber, planed and sized. So if you are looking for dry lumber, give us a call at (740) 596-1020 or  e-mail us at at our lumber company.


Twin Oak Forest Products
26930 Pumpkin Ridge Road
New Plymouth, Ohio  45654
 (740) 596-1020
or email or

Twin Oak Forest Products in the Hocking Hills Region of Ohio specializes in forest products including the design and construction of log cabin homes, log home plans and kits. They supply materials all over the United States for paneling, siding, hardwood flooring and timber frames. Whatever your lumber needs, contact Twin Oak Forest Products at (740) 596-1020 or email or


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